Exterior cladding that is stylish and modern

SAGIWALL provides quality covering solutions for all types of building structures- from your family home to large scale commercial projects.

SAGIWALL has been specifically designed for exterior use providing various solutions which fulfil the most demanding requirements of the architectural and construction sectors.

Available in two profiles: SAGIWALL Channeled with 1 cm of separation and SAGIWALL V-Groove with a 4mm separation. Panels and trims come in standard 12ft and 19ft lengths.

A variety of realistic wood tones, RAL’S (European Color Chart) and metallic finishes providing a wide range of aesethic alternatives from classic to contemporary and rustic to urban.


Specifically designed for exterior use, SAGIWALL covering solutions provide several advantages:

  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Resistant to humidity and temperature variations, even in the most adverse weather conditions
  • Resistant to ultra violet (UV) rays
  • Minimal expansion/contraction
  • 50 year (15 year non-prorated) warranty
  • Impervious to water/molds
  • Impenetrable to insects
  • Impact resistance and scratch resistance
  • Fire rate for North America
  • CCMC Certification 14043-R
  • Approved for Non-combustible buildings up to 6 stories
  • Standard 12ft and 19ft lengths (custom lengths available)

There is an extensive range of finishes, with dozens of wood tones, metallic colours and RAL’s, using PVC and coated with a film of PVC (Renolit), adapted to every specific requirement, guaranteeing perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, be it natural or urban.

Ideal for beautiful and protected walls, which remain perfect for longer, without the need for maintenance.